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Selected Exhibition CV below click here


Heather Tweed has created art, sculpted clay, read books and sewn fabric for as long as she can remember. At school she was fantastic at Physics at a time when women and girls were not encouraged or expected to become scientists

She honed her creative, teaching and writing skillset with a fine art degree from Exeter (specialising in Fine Art Ceramics) a postgraduate pgce from Leicester and a digital entrepreneurship pgcde from City University, London. She is a lifelong highly self-motivated learner and is currently exploring her PhD options.


She has a wide experience of exhibiting across the UK and beyond, working with Artists groups, curating projects and hosting legendary private views! She also has 15 year full time teaching stint under her belt, including 5 years as assistant year head and a year as acting Year head.

She worked on the BBC Radio Leicester Primetime programme as Arts Correspondent.


Serendipity always plays a part in her career. Cue the unexpected phone call whisking her away on a dream project with the British Council Cairo!


2017 included a fully funded arts council trip to Venice, both exhibiting with an art project and researching opportunities for future shows at the Venice Biennale. Two years later she was back at the Biennale photographing her sculptures on the Piazzas and canalised to the amazement of tourists and locals alike.

She has been invited to write for the respected Ripperologist magazine, Strandlines, a well known genealogy website and  various guest blog. She is a member of the Society of Authors and has recently been touring with Marchers Authors on Tour. 


Heather enjoys mooching vintage books and scouring Archives. Her research skills are well honed and she has an obsessive ability to squirrel out tiny nuggets of information as well as pulling together the lost threads of of scattered stories recreating the colourful lives of 19th century performers and quirky characters.


Recent years have found her researching and writing in depth about an eccentric, once notorious, Dickensian character, and refining her writing craft with a National Centre for Writing creative non-fiction course.

She created a Podcast with Dr Jude Cowan Montague focusing on Victorian spectacle and stage performance. She has researched for a future TV project and Dr Cowan Montague's arts council funded short film about Madam Marzella. 

Future planned projects include publishing her book, writing more articles about 19th Century acrobats, reviving her popular art-hunt searches and continuing to plan for the next Venice Biennale.


She also enjoys a good chat and share on Twitter @heathertweed


More about Heather’s Artwork and secret book project:


The ever expanding Installation ‘Anubis Other World Tour’ has been visiting art galleries, caves and other interesting venues scaring, delighting and perplexing in equal measure since 1997.


‘Lost Not Found:Abscission’, an ongoing public interaction project, was started in 2009 and has featured in The Edinburgh Art Festival twice, at Figment, New York and in numerous galleries and projects across the UK.

Much of the Artists work embodies a dark undertone with a counterbalancing wry humour. The sculptural figures harbour an almost supernatural presence perceivable upon an encounter with them at an exhibition or site specific installation.  Some viewers believe the figures live and many are startled to see 'bodies' being loaded into a van or car. This is part of the artwork experience and runs alongside public interaction at the heart of the Artists practice.

The ghost of an eccentric Victorian woman approaches, her life painstakingly drawn together over years of original research, yet to be unveiled. A multimedia cross-platform work in progress. This is a secret project, under development…....... click to view 



Please use the contact page if you wish to enquire about any of the artwork or writing projects and commissions.

Installation, Sculpture, Video, Digital Collage Canvasses, Mixed Media.
The artist has exhibited across the UK with pieces in international settings such as New York, Tokyo and Washington.

She has been selected as a Saatchi Online gallery Critic's Choice and Saatchi video artist of the week 3 times, won 1st prize in the Millfield Open, has extensive teaching and art workshop experience and has worked with Arts and Business, Bristol City Council and the British Council, Cairo.

She is researching and writing articles about lesser known 19th Century Circus and Music Hall characters and is currently writing a book unveiling the secret life of a 19th century acrobat. (Plus books about a true Music Hall Murder and a troubled Dickensian 19th century heiress!) 

Solo Exhibitions:

2023             Anubis Other World Tour, Venice Biennale new project.....look out for news!

2018              Lulu-The Eighth Wonder Of The World, Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol


2017              Anubis Other World Tour, Single schoolboy, Venice, St Mark's Square, Arsenale & various locations. Art Book.

2011              Chapmans Monkey: Artifacts of the Apocryphal, Centrespace, Bristol

2010              Edinburgh Art Festival, Lost Not Found:Abscission (Edinburgh II)  Curator

2010              Crocodilopolis, The Forest Gallery, Edinburgh, Supported by The Forest

2009              Lost Not Found:Abscission, Edinburgh Fringe

2006              Anubis Other World Tour, Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter 
                       Supported by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

2006              Anubis Other World Tour, Window 2, Birmingham Central Library, Supported by Birmingham Artists Project


2005              Anubis Other World Tour, Paintworks, (first artists exhibition in Bristol's
                       new Creative Quarter) Supported by Paintworks, Bristol Wine Company & Boccabar


2004-6           Lotus Gallery, Bath, solo show & gallery artist

2004              Anubis Other World Tour, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Nexus Gallery, Supported 
                       by Mumm Champagne


2004              Anubis Other World Tour, Bath Fringe Festival

2003              Anubis Other World Tour, Otter Gallery, Chichester

2002/3           Anubis Other World Tour, OXO Tower Wharf , South Bank, London

2002              Anubis Other World Tour, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, Supported by Black Bush & Diagio

2000              Anubis Other World Tour, Blue Gallery, Cheltenham

1999              Anubis Other World Tour, Bath Fringe Festival, site specific installation

Group Exhibitions:

2018             Lulu, The Eighth Wonder Of The World, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Museums at Night: Circus Spectacular

2017             Venice Vending Machine, Giardino Venice & Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale 2017 (Arts Council)


2017             Artemotion, Press and publicity associate and member. Research group for Venice Biennale 2017- 2019 (Ongoing)

2012              Hamburg Art Vending Machine, Hamburg, Germany, Curated by Marina 
                      Marino, Art E Motion


2010              Lost Not Found Abscission, Figment, Governers Island, New York

2010              Resort, The Residence, London 

2009              Blood On The Snow, Colchester, plus Lost Christmas. I Give You My Art
                      (Lost Not Found:Abscission II) 


2007              Throes, Nottingham, Teather Arts Festival

2007              Mortal, Bristol, deserted Pro Cathedral

2004              5 Magazine: Labrinth Of The Gaze,  curated by Gavin Turk


2004              Heather Tweed (curated) & Kate Wood, City Inn  Bristol, Arts & Business New
                       Partners Award. Supported by City Inn, City Cafe, Bristol Wine co.

2004              Passing Time, Sherborne House, Sherborne, Dorset

2004              Mesh, London, Seven Seven Gallery & Broadway Market

2004              Still magazine

2003              Arts & Business Showcase, Brunels Engine Shed, Bristol

2003              Into The light, BANA Open, Hotbath Gallery, Bath

2003              Yoke & Zoom multiples, Art Vending Machine, Tokyo

2003              Deptford X , VIA, London

2003              Artists Bookmarket, Expace Projects, Tribeca, New York


2002              Reactions, Exit Art, Broadway, New York & Pasadena 
                       Permanent collection, National Library Of Congress, Washington


2002              No Sleep 'til Hammersmith, video, Central Space, London    

2001-10         Night of 1000 drawings, Artists Space, Soho, New York

2001/2           Artmart, 291 Gallery & Cinch, London

2001              The Flag Project, Peekskill and Lois Abrons Arts Center, New York

2001              Group Show, Candid Arts Gallery,  London

2001              Out of the Blue, Edinburgh

2001              Torbay International, Torquay 


2001              Millfield Open - first prize winner, Atkinson Gallery, Street, Somerset

2000              Workplace, site specific installations, Redcliffe Caves, Bristol

1999              Off the Shelf, Art Supermarket, Sherborne House, Dorset

1998              New Womens Art Works, Old Crown Courts, Bristol

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