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Circus & Music Hall

Heather first tumbled into the circus and music hall arena when researching her 19th century eccentric personage many moons ago. 

More recently the opportunity arose to delve deeper into the archives unearthing daring and secretive acrobats to write about.

She is now a regular contributor to Ripperologist Magazine, writing a book about 19th century aerialist Lulu and is excited to be exhibiting under the Circus 250 umbrella.

Circus 250

'Six Cities of Circus' are celebrating  250  years since Philip Astley  opened his first performance space at Halfpenny Hatch,  in London in 1768. Heather is working with the Bristol research and planning group. She had an exhibition at The Christmas Steps Gallery in Bristol and exhibited at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. She is working on other exciting projects for the autumn, winter and 2019  Please come back for more details later



Exhibition info here 

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