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Anubis Other World Tour

Anubis Other World Tour

The Artists recent work, developed since the Anubis Other World Tour series of exhibitions began in June 1997, features Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife, in a variety of contemporary guises and settings.

These witty , haunting and captivating tableaux explore the jackal, wolf and lupine qualities evident in the world of the dream, nightmare and collective unconscious.

Many of the ideas explored by the artist are linked by a long fascination with ancient Egyptian mythology and iconography and memories of a childhood recurring nightmare.

The figures inhabit this world with a prescence that can cause strong reactions in the onlooker, ranging from fear to laughter and individuals often impose their own meanings on the work and can perceive the sculptures as various types of creature.

Elements of Psychogeography are embeded within the work and meaningful events and places visited are commemorated in the canvases and reflected in the sunglass lenses. Anubis walks amongst us in the video works and an eclectic mix of memento mori and other created artefacts give us clues as to how Anubis views and experiments with the world around him. The recent series of Lost Not Found:Abscission artwork hunts continue these themes with serendipitous discoverers reporting the 'Lost' artworks back to the artist including photos and other requested information that is then incorporated into a Googlemap online.

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