I'm pleased to report that three of my Circus/Music Hall  articles were were very well received when published by the respected Ripperologist Magazine and are now available as a book 'Sawdust and Spangles' from Blurb.

There are few things that I enjoy more than mooching vintage books and scouring Archives. My research skills are well honed and I have an obsessive ability to squirrel out tiny nuggets of information as well as pulling together the scattered threads of stories that I enjoy writing about.


Recent years have found me researching and writing in depth about an eccentric, once notorious, Dickensian character, and refining my writing craft with several short courses.

I am a member of The Society Of Authors. 

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Reading and writing have always been a joy. I have written essays, thesis and teaching worksheets all meticulously researched, but it was rather a surprise to find myself writing a whole book after the serendipitous find of a vintage book in a charity shop within a stones throw of my home.

A long forgotten, once notorious 19th century character leapt from the printed Punch cartoon and I was hooked. 

Who was this obsessive woman and why could I find so little about her in any of my usual online research hangouts?

To cut a long story short I dived into archives carefully unfurling crisp inky parchment, handled a previously unopened book of Victorian religious tracts at the British Library rare manuscripts room and scrambled through ivy and brambles in a long disused burial ground, hundreds of miles from home, seeking her, possibly unmarked, grave.

I have pulled the threads of her driven and eventful life together and the book exists, not necessarily in the right order and much editing and writing is needed but I have the structure and have painstakingly woven together the facts, prising out the tiniest snippets and tacking the clues together. A family name change and some written white lies didn't help.

Happily as I constructed her family tree I noticed a surname in common with my own tree. There are two links to my 13th Great Grandfather via her two sister-in-laws.

She has started to visit me periodically, sitting on my shoulder, a little eccentric, black-bombazined owl.


Who is she and why was she so well known in her day? To find out you will need to return here later, a dedicated website is under construction and new related blogs added. You might also like follow me on Twitter @heathertweed for more news when the full story is ready to be revealed!

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Totally out of the blue, after reading my blog,  I was contacted by a geneology website asking me to write a guest blog and the respected Ripperology magazine inviting me to research and write an article.

My recent research and writing about my great, great Uncle, George Sargent has been positively commented on

I pieced together the amazing story of his pioneering work using the motion picture to analyse the golf swing.

For Ripperology I researched into new territory, a terrible and tragic 19th century Music Hall murder and attempted suicide.

I have embarked on writing a book about The Wondrous Letine Troupe and am structuring one based on a new subject.

The George Sargent story can be found on my          



The article has been  published in January 2018 you can find a link to subscribe to the magazine for free


Well worth a read as the articles are so well researched and focus on all aspects of the 19th Century, not just the Ripper Murders, they also treat his victims as women, not simply stereotypes.

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