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Exciting projects on the cards!

Totally out of the blue, after reading my blog, a geneology website invited me to write a guest blog, and the respected Ripperology magazine invited me to research and write an article.

My recent research and writing about my great, great Uncle, George Sargent has many brilliant reactions and positive comments.

I pieced together the amazing story of his pioneering work using the motion picture to analyse the golf swing.

For Ripperology I researched into new territory, a terrible and tragic 19th century Music Hall murder.

I have embarked on writing a book about The Wondrous Letine Troupe and am structuring one based on a new subject.

The George Sargent story can be found on my Blog

The article was published in the January 2018 Ripperologist Magazine. They wanted more!

Next issue due end of April 2018 with my latest published article.

You can find a link to subscribe to a pdf of the magazine for free at Mango Books

Please Visit and Enjoy my Blog Here

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